Mohamed Ramzy Amanulla.

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Controller.

“It has been old two decades for Melbourne Metal as it continues to grow and succeed along with its key strategic developments. The success of Melbourne Metal is guided through the set of core value.Which have formed a part of our culture and is reflective in the way of work of all our team members and customers,

One of the most vital value of Melbourne Metal is QUALITY PRODUCT. To deliver our other value of Commitment, innovation, Teamwork, Recognition, Technology and Trust – We Must First have QUALITY.

TRUST is all about being Accountable and committed to each other by performing our duties and delivering best quality work, being Respectful to each other, our customers and the communities we live in, being Loyal by Keeping our word and commitments to our work for enhancing productivity and being Grateful by appreciating the opportunities received.

We must also establish Trust with our customers as it is the cornerstone of our success and it shows our commitment and partnership to our customers. Trust is a very significant factor to deliver our Mission “To Be the Customer’s Preferred Choice” and hence, let QUALITY PRODUCT be shown in our daily working culture”.