Melbourne Metal (Pvt) Ltd is a Board of Investment approved company was established in 1995 and registered under the companies act No. 17 of 1982.

It is a modern integrated steel plant with an annual production capacity of 120,000 MT in its two induction furnaces and three rolling mills managed by professionals.Its production facility at Udammita, Ja-Ela spanning 13 acres and it employs a highly skilled work force of 300 personnel both Sri Lankan and expatriates.

Melbourne Metal is continuously updating its manufacturing process with the latest advances in steel melting and rolling technologies and giving its benefits to our esteem customers.Our primary aim is to commit to protect the environment for the future. Therefore we have made Stack Emission Control by setting a high efficiency modern air pollution control system.


Our products are manufactured from imported prime quality steel billets as well as recycled prime quality billets as requested by customer.

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Manufacturer's of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) or Quenched & Self Tempered (QST), Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) Rib Steel Bars and Sectional Steel.

Why Melbourne

  • Strain Ageing

    Due to unique, scientific manufacturing process and chemical composition, Melbn QST Rebars show no tendency of brittleness either during welding or cold deformation of welded joi... Read More

  • Formability

    Due to very high elongation values and consistent properties throughout the length of rebar, Melbn QST Rebars have excellent workability and bendability.... Read More

  • Earthquake Resitance

    Melbn QST Rebars have high fatigue resitance due to its higher ductility. This makes it most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.... Read More

  • Fire resistance

    Melbn QST Rebars have higher thermal stability.They are the preferred choice in case of elevated temperatures of 400 - 600 degrees centigrade applications (chimneys,fires).... Read More

  • Better weldability

    Melbn QST rebars bars carbon content less than 0.25% can be used for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the joints.... Read More

  • Higher Bonding Strength

    Melbn QST Rebars with their uniform and precise rib pattern ensure better bonding strength with concrete. This gives higher strength to the structure and hence a longer life.... Read More

  • Finer Grain structure

    Size reduction from billet to the bars is done gradually in multiple stages for better and consistent grain structure. Refined and finer grain structure gives better metallurgica... Read More

  • Customised product

    Chemical metallurgical and physical properties as per design requirements of clients are given by Melbn. Additional relevant services are offered as per specific customer require... Read More

  • Precise gauge

    Control systems ensure precise accurate weight of the bars by controlling gauge of the bars automatically between stringent tolerance.... Read More

  • Perfect Roundness

    Tensionless rolling through the loop scanner system during rolling process ensures reduction of oval shapes, which is generally present in traditional rolling mills. The automati... Read More

  • Better Metallurgical Properties

    Perfect temperature control system to ensure better metallurgical properties.... Read More

  • Cost-effective

    QST Rebars require 15-30% less usage than ordinary bars for same work with 5% more cost. This results in overall saving of 10-20%.... Read More

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Controlled water cooling prevents the formation of coarse carbides, which has been cited as the main cause for the corrosion prone nature of common bars. Another reason for bette... Read More

  • Bending Properties

    QST Rebars have excellent bend properties due to the unique ductility (elongation values) obtained by employing the German "Thermex" Techonology.... Read More

  • Higher Strength

    QST Rebars have higher strength and are available in all grades. So, now you can have high strength rebars and thus can easily cuts overall cost by optimizing consumption.... Read More